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North Sea Cup Brouwersdam

The kick-off for the brand new 2010 North Sea Cup series, started at the Brouwersdam in Holland. 86 competitors from France, Great Brittain, Belgium and the Netherlands entered the event.

Light to no wind gave the crew little possibilities to complete all of the scheduled races, but two. On saterday only one race was completed for the Techno293 and Raceboard fleets, before a light and shifting seabreeze came in to made it hard to set a proper course.

Sunday started of with no wind, late in the afternoon a stable and strong seabreeze build up again, this time the crew didn’t hesitate to lower AP and make it for the last possible race. In a nice breeze at 13-17 knots, team GBR dominated the Techno293 fleet. The french we’re leading the way in the Raceboard fleet and the Dutch showed their performance in the Formula Windsurfing fleet.


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