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North Sea Cup 2010 – Calendar

The North Sea Cup events calendar for the 2010 season has been finalised.

April 24th + 25th – Brouwersdam, Netherlands

May 29th + 30th – Folkestone, Great Brittain

September 11th + 12th – Ostend, Belgium

October 9th + 10th – Wimereux, France


  1. Chantale April 19, 2010

    can you tell me the starting times at saturday, or some detail informations and can everybody do with this competition an do I need a special surfboard?

  2. Mairead April 21, 2010

    Chantale – here is a copy of the NOR below which i received

    Northseacup Brouwerdam
    Notice of Race
    NORTH SEA CUP 2010
    Brouwersdam (NED)
    The Northseacup 2010 in the Netherlands will be held on april 24th and april 25th at the Brouwerdam
    in the Netherlands. The regatta will be sailed in front of the Zeil-& Surfcentrum Brouwersdam,
    Ossenhoek 1, 3253 MH Ouddorp, Netherlands
    Organisation authority
    The organization authority consists of Windsurfing Delft Plané in conjunction with the Nederlandse
    Vereniging van Wedstrijdsurfers (NVW)
    The regatta will be governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) including
    Appendix B, the prescription of the Watersportverbond, the notice of Race and the Sailing instructions.
    Eligibility and entry
    The regatta is open to all competitors.
    There will be sailed in 3 fleets
    • Formula Windsurfing and Formula Experience
    • Techno 293 OD
    • Raceboard (included Hybride and RS:X)
    Entrée fee
    The entrée fee is € 25,- included a meal on Saturday and must be paid at the registration desk in the
    regatta office upon arrival.
    Competitors shall register on every location by completing an official registration form. The opening
    hours of the registration will be displayed in the schedule.
    It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that his/her equipment is confirm to the class
    rules. The white background as described in B2.4 is not obligatory if sailnumbers are places at
    different highs on the two sides of the sail those on the starboardside being uppermost. The
    measurers will pay special attention to the sail identification
    Sailing instructions
    The sailing instructions will be available at the registration office at time of registration.
    Day Date Time
    Saterday April 24th 09.30 – 14.00 Registration
    11.00 Skippersmeeting trainingrace
    12.00 First possible start trainingrace
    14.00 Skippersmeeting regatta
    15.00 First possible start regatta
    Following races asap after first start
    18.00 Last possible start
    20.00 Dinner
    Sunday April 25th 10.00 First possible start
    Following races asap after first start
    15.00 Last possible start
    16.30 Price giving
    There will be a maximum of 4 course races per fleet per day
    On Saterday there will be a maximum of 3 course races per fleet
    The discipline will be Course racing. The windlimits during the starts will be 8 knots for Formula
    Windsurfing and Formula Experience. The windlimit during starts for Techno 293 OD and Raceboard
    will be 6 knots. The dicision to start, postpone, abandon or shorten a race in a discipline is at the
    discretion of the principal raceofficer and cannot be protested.
    The low point system will be apply. To constitute a serie it is required to complete three races.
    Right to use name and likeness
    In participation in this event, supporting events and in each race in them is the sole discretion of the
    competitor and at his/her own risk the organization authority or any other involved in the organisation
    of the regatta are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either
    ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment, which ma result.
    For every competitor at least a valid third-party liability insurance shall exist with a minimum cover of
    € 500.000,- per event or the equivalent in the currency of the country or registration of the
    Support boats
    Team leaders and/or coaches shall register at the registration office before the start of the first race
    and give the sail numbers off all boards they are supporting.
    For more information contact: Marc Lamey:

  3. Chantale April 24, 2010

    mairead, thank you for the information. I thought there was a open class with slalom races, too.
    have fun

  4. Marc Lamey | Organi April 26, 2010

    NSC Brouwersdam 24/25 april 2010

    - 86 competitors (T293; was the biggest fleet)
    - light-wind conditions on Saturday | 1 race
    - medium-wind conditions on Sunday | 1 race

    The wind on Sunday picked up little bit to late; at 1400hr (13-17kts)

    All Thanks for coming, hopefully see you in 2011 .
    And especially all the coaches for there input, to make even a better event next year.

    Marc Lamey

  5. Richard January 4, 2011

    Hi, Would it be possible for you to let me know the dates & venues for the North Sea Cup 2011.



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